Technical Skills Training Services

Sometimes the technical skills of your employees is the bottleneck between where you are and where you want to go with your business. Our technical training services are tailored to meet your people where they are and uplevel their skills to meet the Age of AI with confidence.

Technical Skills Training Services We Offer

Operational excellence is built on a foundation of excellent skills. That's why we offer custom courses, delivered with a mixture of live teaching and on demand content, to help your people skill up without grinding your business to a halt. Our education offerings are shaped to help your employees deliver value now and for the future of Artificial Intelligence empowered operations.

Microsoft 365 Core: Basics

With this offering, we cover fundamental computer literacy and basic Microsoft 365 application competencies, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft 365 Core: Advanced and Low Code Automation

This offering takes your employees skills to the next level by introducing more advanced concepts in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Sharepoint, and the Power platform, including Power Automate for easy process automation with low code.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

With the help of generative AI tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, individual employee efficiency can shoot through the roof. We'll teach your teams how to leverage these tools to the fullest potential and integrate them into their workflows.

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Our Training Process

Educating adult learners can be a challenge, especially when they are still in the flow of business as usual. Our approach is 'learn by doing'. We make sure the conceptual material presented supports skill development, that skills are actively practiced to build muscle memory, and that all skills are connected to business outcomes that will create value immediately.

Initial Consultation

We will work with you to discover your teams' needs before developing a training plan.

Training Delivery

Based on the training plan, we will deliver a mixture of hands on labs, recorded materials, live workshops, and skill assessments to reinforce learning through the entire process.

Final Assessment

Every learner will complete a hands on skills assessment at the end to validate their learning and surface opportunities for future continued improvements.

Why Choose Equanimity for Technical Skills Training?

We have over 15+ years of combined experience teaching complex technical skills to adult learners from a variety of backgrounds. We lead with empathy, keep things fun, and make it easy for learners to experience wins off the bat to increase their confidence in going to unknown territory with their skills. In today's fast changing business landscape, those who are able to keep up with the technical skills of their workforce will succeed where others fail. We've made it our mission to support businesses in that endeavor by making skills training fun and accessible for all.

Learn By Doing Approach

It's easy to regurgitate facts on a test. It's harder to demonstrate competency with technical skills. That's why we engineer our approach to spend more time practicing skills than ingesting conceptual material.

Keeping It Fun

Nobody likes to be told they need to increase their skills, even if it sounds good on paper. The best way to get traction and create a culture that embraces continuous improvement is to make sure learning is actually enjoyable. Our instructors make the difference and keep things light, even when stress is high.

Proven Experience

We've led the charge for alternative adult education and have taught people of all backgrounds and temperaments complex technical skills. We truly believe anyone can do it with the proper mindset and support.

Tailored Curriculum

Too many training courses are cookie-cutter and generic. Your business will need something different from other businesses. Our approach is to take a core set of curriculum and adapt them to suit your needs, so you know your people are only learning what they need, and nothing they don't.

Continuous Feedback

How many online courses have you started and abandoned in the past? We make sure outcomes are in clear focus by delivering continuous feedback throughout the training to keep engagement and motivation high. Your investment only makes sense if the skills are being learned in order to deliver value for your business.

Checklist Validation

Learning doesn't stop at the end of the training. By doing a final assessment and providing feedback with results, your people will know what they need to continue working on and can discover exciting new avenues for growth as they continue the learning journey.

Technologies We Teach

We stay current with in demand technologies that businesses use to operate effectively while keeping an eye to the future of what Artificial Intelligence will bring to the table.

Microsoft Basics

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Advanced

Microsoft Sharepoint
Advanced Excel Formulas and Pivot Tables
Power Automate
Power Platform
Artificial Intelligence

General Prompt Engineering
Microsoft Copilot
Large Language Models


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